Return Policy

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you may request a full refund of the purchase price within 180 days.

Part of the cancelation process is returning the original shipment. Please understand that we require you to return the unused portion of the product to receive your credit or refund. Furthermore, the cancelation process requires you to obtain a cancelation number. Please retain this number as proof of your cancelation. VitaJacks offers a 180-day return policy. You may take advantage of this return policy at any time. This 180-day return policy starts from the original order date.

Refunds usually take up to 7-10 business days to process back into your account. These processing days start from when the package is received at the return center.


By clicking on the box or button at the time of order and agreeing to the terms and conditions or agreeing to the terms during the course of a customer service call, you are providing an electronic and/or verbal authorization for VitaJacks to charge to your credit or debit card pursuant to the electronic funds Transfer act. (See a copy of the act below)

VitaJacks reserves the right to package the product being shipped to the end consumer with any of its privately labeled brands. Due to production there will arise instances where you will receive the same quality product with different labeling. We assure you that all of our various privately labeled products are of the same quality and we aim to give you the best experience possible. VitaJacks is not responsible for any third parties that may market, distribute and or label our products. Our sole distribution is based from our website. We may use a third-party shipping company which assumes the timely delivery of your product.

All testimonials are not to be misconstrued as personal endorsements of VitaJacks products, but rather customer's experiences.  Your dog may not have the same experience as other customers.

VitaJacks is a distributor of VitaJacks. Any inquiries regarding methods for use, etc. should be directed to VitaJacks at:


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VitaJacks No-Hassle Product Return Policy

You may cancel at any time by calling our customer service center at 888-789-5699 or via written correspondence to:

Customer Service is open Monday - Friday between the hours of 9am-5pm EST